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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Progress Report

November 2023

At Social Investment Scotland, we value and celebrate diversity of people and ideas.  

Our mission is to connect capital with communities, to make a real, measurable, and sustainable impact on people’s lives.

Our vision is for an Impact Economy, when social entrepreneurs, businesses, consumers, investors, and government are aligned and focused on delivering impactful actions and meaningful outcomes.

Through our 10-year strategy 2020 - 2030 ‘Building an Impact Economy’, we seek to minimise harm, maximise positive impacts for people and planet, and contribute solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges. This vision encompasses equity of access for all and places DEI as a core element of our work. 

We published our DEI statement in November 2022 and laid out our general approach to DEI including our approach to partnership working and how we collect, monitor and understand data.

In this progress report we summarise the key milestones reached in 2022/23 and our key priorities for the next 12 months in line with the seven principles of the Social Investment Diversity Forum Manifesto 2.0.


DEI is regularly discussed by SIS colleagues, leadership team and board. Activities are led by a cross-team working group that research best practice, listen and learn, develop and deliver annual action plans, and respond to emerging needs on a more ad hoc basis. We continually strive to find new ways for people to feel comfortable and confident in bringing their full selves to the workplace, and their relationship and interactions with SIS.

We have made considerable progress in our DEI journey and our cross-team working group has doubled in numbers indicating an increased interest and confidence in DEI matters across teams. We have progressed internal and external work streams with further actions being considered during the coming year – for further details please see the full update linked below.


Areas for improvement include creating more opportunities for peer support, discussion and sharing of good practice, raising awareness and minimising unconscious bias, improving diversity especially for boards and leadership teams embracing all protected characteristics as well as socio-economic backgrounds, and using participatory approaches as the norm.   

Questions, comments and feedback

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about any aspect of our DEI practice please contact Lindsay Wake, SIS Head of Impact at -


Read the full Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Progress Report for November 2023 here.