More than just the money

Our values extend beyond balance sheets and investment returns - we build relationships with our customers and share their motivations. Because we’re a charity and social enterprise ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by social enterprises, particularly if you’re attempting something you’ve never done before. This is why you can always trust us to be patient and understanding.

Our values

Integrity  icon


We do what we say; we are reliable, honest, and consistent.

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We grow strong partnerships; we are collaborative, confident, and respectful.

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We are purpose driven; we are committed, innovative, and impactful.

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We embrace the power of difference; we are inclusive, open, and ethical.

Responsible Business Practices

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI)

    We value diversity of people and ideas, and put extra focus on progressing DEI across all of our activities. We don’t want our goals in this area to be empty promises.

    We work alongside expert partners to provide ways for the SIS team, board, investees, customers and other stakeholders to develop their own knowledge and confidence when it comes to talking about DEI and implementing new practices.

    Our statement describes why we consider DEI important, covering our approach, DEI actions so far and our aspirations for the future.

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  • Environment

    It is beyond question that the biggest challenge for humanity, now and in the future, is ongoing environmental damage and the need for urgent action to fight climate change. Since 2020, we’ve been developing useful practices and initiatives that aid our climate action journey, and we’ve been able to share those with others.

    We’re experts in business support and funding, not in climate change, so we partner with people and organisations who can teach the SIS team, board, investees, customers and other stakeholders about earth-friendly practices, empowering us all to take action. Find out why we place such importance on caring for and protecting our planet, our approach, our earth-friendly actions so far and our aspirations for the future in our Climate Action statement.

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  • Supply Chain

    We always seek to buy from social, local and/or Fairtrade suppliers so that our everyday business transactions contribute to social and environmental impacts.

    In 2022/2023, 59% of our suppliers were social enterprises or local businesses. Prioritising these businesses within our supply chains means we settle payments quickly to support their cashflow.

    In 2022 we began work on a supplier screening process that will help us understand more about our suppliers’ environmental and people practices.


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