Digital Skills Training: The Curve by Third Sector Lab

17 Jan 2024, 12:00

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Social Investment Scotland is pleased to partner with Third Sector Lab to provide our clients with access to The Curve programme; digital skills training tailored to the charity and social enterprise sectors.

What is the Curve?

The sector is continually changing, and having digital skills is essential.

The Curve is a series of free-to-access 90-minute workshops tailored to the third sector and delivered by experts selected by the Third Sector Lab.

These online workshops aim to build knowledge around best digital practices, raise awareness of digital tools and ultimately help increase impact with digital. There is an opportunity for interaction with the experts.

Example workshops:

  • Digital Marketing
    • Web Accessibility — Inclusive Design
    • Smarter marketing decisions using Google Analytics
    • How to promote your events online
  • Digital Strategy
    • Tools for collaboration in the virtual office
    • Managing workflow with Kanban and Trello
  • Data and Analytics
    • Build a data dashboard in under 90 mins
    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Planning your user research
  • Cyber Security
    • Cyber Security 101
    • Embedding digital safeguarding policies
    • Resourcing young people to build healthy social media habits

It also provides valuable networking. It’s not just about digital skills; it’s about connecting with others in the sector and learning from their experiences.

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Who is Third Sector Lab?

Third Sector Lab is a digital agency specialising in working with social enterprises, charities and housing associations. 

Founded by Ross McCulloch, the Third Sector Lab team have extensive experience working in digital and design.

The team is based in Glasgow and delivers work across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Ross is also one of our SIS Associates

How to book?

The Third Sector Lab team publish their upcoming online events on The Curve website.

  • Head to the link below.
  • Select a Digital Skills workshop.
  • To book your free space, select 'Social Investment Scotland'.

Book a Workshop

Head to the Third Sector Lab website.