Social Enterprise Just Transition Fund

The Social Enterprise Just Transition Fund (SEJTF) is aligned to the Scottish Government’s Just Transition outcomes, a commitment that will support projects in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

About the Fund

The fund aims to finance social sector organisations (for example, Community Interest Companies, Registered Charities, Companies Limited by Guarantee or SCIOs) and communities to transition to net zero, creating jobs in low-carbon industries and contributing to the region’s future prosperity. SEJTF will be a blended product with a grant element of up to 50% of the overall funding request, the remainder will be loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Charities, social enterprises and communities are eligible for funding from SEJTF must be based and operating in the local authority regions of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray or for organisations that are not, the activity funded by SEJTF must be delivering an impact in one or more of these regions related to objectives of the Fund.

Applicants must demonstrate delivery against at least one of the Scottish Government Just Transition Outcomes.

Applicants must demonstrate delivery against at least one of the following Just Transition outcomes:

• Decarbonisation and efficiencies: contribute to resource efficient and sustainable economic approaches that actively encourage decarbonisation, support low-carbon investment and infrastructure, and avoid carbon ‘lock-in’;

• Citizens, communities and place: support affected regions by empowering and invigorating communities and strengthening local economies;

• Jobs, skills and education: equip people with the skills, education and retraining required to support retention and creation of access to green, fair and high-value work;

• Fair distribution of costs and benefits: address existing economic and social inequality by sharing the benefits of climate action widely, while ensuring that the costs are distributed on the basis of ability to pay;

• Business and economy: support a strong, dynamic and productive economy which creates wealth and high-quality employment across Scotland, upholds the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and continues to make Scotland a great place to do business;

• Adaptation and resilience: identify key risks from climate change and set out actions to build resilience to these risks, ensuring our economy is flexible, adaptable and responsive to the changing climate;

• Further equality and human rights: address fuel poverty and child poverty in a manner consistent with Scotland’s statutory targets on each, while furthering wider equality and human rights across all protected characteristics; and

• Environmental protection and restoration: commit to act within our planetary boundaries while protecting and restoring our natural environment.

No. This Fund exists to support organisations, businesses, communities and individuals to transition to net zero and meet the Scottish Government’s Just Transition Outcomes.

If you feel your organisation meets the criteria of the Fund, please get in touch with us via email - and one of our Investment Managers will arrange to speak with you.

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Please get in touch via email - and one of our Investment Managers will arrange to speak with you.

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