Vanishing Point

16 May 2023

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Vanishing Point is a world-renowned artist lead theatre company based in Scotland. They aim to create theatre that is beautiful, accessible, and original. The company has an international perspective and collaborates with artists and producers worldwide to create genre-defying theatre for venues of varying scales – from large stages to local village halls.

Before this engagement with the SIS Associates Programme, Vanishing Point had no links with SIS and found out about this support having seen it advertised online.

Vanishing Point’s executive producer and joint chief executive Severine Wyper commented: “The impact of Covid in 2019, gave us space and time to think about different operational models for the company - we are a very small organisation (3 full-time core staff) and were about to take on a lease for our own premises in Greenock which would open lots of opportunities."

Vanishing Point Theatre (1)

“This was something very new to us but given we have a high spend on renting out rehearsal space and have long had a desire to broaden our work through the development of a ‘Creation Centre’, we approached SIS for business plan guidance.

“A building had been identified in Greenock and following an initial call with SIS staff, an Associate was matched to our needs. The support they offered was very flexible given the twists and turns this research would go on to take. With SIS support we found significant concerns with the property Heads of Terms and work began to look at other premises, this time in a different council area."

“Time moved on and as the original Associate now had other commitments, new support was identified, and work began on financial planning and impact assessments. The new Associate offered us a magnifying glass – homing in on areas we needed further help with and was incredibly supportive. Our Associate challenged us and asked key questions to gain clarity on what we were looking for from this new building. We speak with our Associate every 6-8 weeks."

"Generally, it remains a challenging time for Arts organisations. We have found there is little flex on what you can ask and apply for elsewhere, while SIS ‘act as the glue’ to make connections for support once plans are more developed. While such flexibility may be too loose for some organisations, for us it is key - as was the match and relationship made with the SIS Associate."

Severine Wyper

Vanishing Point’s Executive Producer and Joint Chief Executive